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Q: When will the lockbox be available?

A: The first run of our Original TOOR Smart Lockbox have been sold out, and will ship out January 2018. The next run will ship out Spring 2018 along with the Pro TOOR Smart Lockbox

Q: Can lockboxes be customized?

A: Branded lockboxes and customization are available for bulk/wholesale purchase. Please contact us at info@toor.today

Q: Is there a monthly fee?

A: No. However our Pro monitoring service offers additional notifications and profile viewing privileges for a $50 monthly fee.

Q: Is the lockbox waterproof?

A: TOOR has been designed to withstand natural elements and exterior conditions, our lockbox is NOT waterproof. 

Q: Does the key tag track your keys?

A: The key tag does not track your key, however the key tag does notify you when the key has been removed or replaced from the key compartment.

Q: Where can you buy a TOOR lockbox?

A: The TOOR Smart Lockbox is currently only available on our website.